Our workshops are tailor-made. This approach is based on the assumption that companies and organisations and their employees, nationally and internationally, need to be sensibilized for claimsmanagement and need to be trained with basic skills of claimsmanagement in order to execute their projects more successfully in the future.
In detail, we offer sessions for contract drafting and claimsmanagement, depending on the focal point of each client. Other areas such as sales or project management could also be taught.

Contract drafting training includes topics pertaining to scope of work and supply, schedule and delay, burden of proof, acceptance and change. All these topics are also discussed with regard to Anglo-Saxon law.
Another possibility is a case-study based analysis of a contract. Due to its nature, we recommend this approach for internal seminars only.
Claimsmanagement training includes topics such as company philosophy, stakeholders, demanding defence against scope change as well as practical steps for implementation or improvement of Claimsmanagement in your company.
The number of participants should be in a range of 10 - 25, depending on company size. The duration of a seminar is up to the client. A one-day event will be fine, but we have experienced that two sessions, of 4 hours each (afternoon/ morning), are more efficient.

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