In his publication Claimsmanagement in Schlüsselwörtern (Claimsmanagement keywords), VDMA 2018, 3rd edition; 478 pages, € 70,-

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the following keywords are explained by the author (in German):

acceleration, acceptance, after sales service, alliance agreement, amendments of the law, applicable law, approval remark, availability, back to back, bank guarantee, breach of contract, buffer time, burden of proof, cancellation, change order, claiming, claimsmanagement, coming into force, compensation, compensation for losses and damages, compliance, conclusion of a contract , consortium, contract for work and labour, contract language, contract management, contract template, contracting rules for award of public works contracts, critical assumption, deadlines, defect, definitions, delay, delay, dispute resolution, documentation, draft, effective date, effectiveness, employer, engineer, engineering, entire agreement, fair dealing, feasability study, fiction, FIDIC, flow of information, force majeure, Incoterms , interpretation, knowledge management, letter of intent, life-cycle costs, limitation of liability, liquidated damages, maintenance, mechanical erection, method statement, milestone, minutes of meeting, nominated subcontractor, notification, obligation to co-operate, obligation to mitigate, offer, packaging, parties, passing of risk, penalty, price, price escalation clause, procurement, project planning costs, proof of compliance/performance, quality assurance, recitals, risk management, scope of work and supply, service contract, spare part, standard forms of contract, subcontractor, supplementary performance, supplier, suspension, taxes, tender, terms of the contract, time of performance, training, UN-convention for the international sale of goods, vendor, warranties.


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