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Wolfgang Kühnel:
„Claimsmanagement in Schlüsselwörtern“ (Claimsmanagement keywords),
VDMA 2018, 3rd edition, 478 pages, € 70,-

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This book does not aim so much at the legal profession but rather more at the engineer or the businessman, who bears the responsibility for a project in the machine building and plant-makers industry. The author explains, based on his long lasting experience in the field of mechanical and plant engineering the topic through 90 keywords, using typical examples of projects, reflections, advices and contractual clauses in German and English. Renounciation on dogmatic debates or footers shall improve orientation and readability, allow quick access towards claimsmanagement and create a work that shall serve as a hands-on guide in the project.


Wolfgang Kühnel
Aschenputtel oder Erlösfaktor?
CHEMIE TECHNIK Mai 2013Der Artikel erläutert die Rolle des Claimsmanagement bei der Erlössicherung im Chemieanlagenbau und seinen Zulieferern.

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Wolfgang Kühnel
Projects under control
MM MaschinenMarkt IndustrieMagazin 10/2011 and 15/2011

Two articles covering eight contractual fields which exert considerable influence on profit - successful claimsmanagement needs a solid baseline.

Part 1: Changes and variations, participants, delivery and services, tests.

Part 2: Continues with time, definitions, liquidated damages,  arbitration.


Wolfgang Kühnel:
Wappnen gegen die Risiken des Projektgeschäfts (How to arm against the risk of projects)

MM MaschinenMarkt IndustrieMagazin 7/2009

Few companies are consistently and successfully demanding commercial or schedule compensation for extra work or delay or defend themselves against unjustified claims of their contractual partners. Claimsmanagement would help to secure the project result.



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